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Sanitary Valves

Dairy Stainless Steel Valves

Three Piece Body Ball Valve

Sanitary Food Grade Ball Valve

The sanitary three piece body ball valve is the shut off valve with the highest pressure rating.

Butterfly Valve

Sanitary Food Grade Butterfly Valve

The sanitary butterfly valve is the most commonly used shut off valve.

Check Valve

Sanitary Food Grade Check Valve

The sanitary check valve provides an automatic way of preventing back flow in the pipe line.

Inline Sight Glass

Sanitary Food Grade Sight Glass

The hygienic sanitary sight glass contains a stainless steel body which houses a Borosilicate Glass Tube that allows operators an easy inspection of the product flow.

Sanitary Food Grade Three Way Plug Valve

Plug Valve

The sanitary plug valve can be used for shut off and diverting applications.

Sanitary Food Grade Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

The sanitary pressure relief valve allows excess pressure to escape from pipe lines.

Sanitary Good Grade Sample Cock Valve

Sampling Valve

A sanitary sampling valve is a simple valve to allow samples to be taken.

Two Piece Body Ball Valve.png

Two Piece Body Ball Valve

A sanitary two piece body ball valve is easier to maintain than a three piece one.

Diaphragm Valve.jpg

Diaphragm Valve

The sanitary diaphragm valve is the "cleanest valve" designed for flow control and shut off.

Level Gauge_edited.png

Level Gauge Valves

The Food grade level gauge valve contains a port which can be attached to transparent tubes so that when attached to a tank, acts as a water level indicator.

Sanitary Food Grade Sight Glass

Vacuum Pressure Relief Valve

The sanitary relief valve gets rid of excess pressure and vacuum in tank.

High Vacuum Ball Valve

High Vacuum Ball Valve

The KF Ball Valve is suitable for high vacuum environments.

How are Sanitary Stainless Steel Valves different from other Stainless Steel Valves

  • Easy to clean- Food Grade Valves must be easy to clean, most valves are easy to dismantle so that they can be cleaned internally. Besides being easy to clean so that its free from contamination, operator spend minimal time worrying about hygiene so that they can focus on more important tasks.

  • Crevice free- In Malaysia's food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, hygiene is of utmost importance. Cracks in the valves will lead to contamination. Sanitary valves are designed so that there is no place for the crevice.

  • Surface of the valves- Dairy valves are polished so that the surface is perfectly smooth, to prevent rusting or corrosion. Rust prevention minimizes contamination, and lowers the costs associated with replacing rusted valves.

NKE is a sanitary valve supplier in Malaysia.

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