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Sanitary Fittings

Dairy Fittings

Sanitary Food Grade Elbow


A sanitary elbow, also known as a sanitary bend, is a type of sanitary pipe fitting welded between two lengths of sanitary pipe or tubing to enable a direction change. 

Sanitary Food Grade Tee

Tee, Reducing Tee, Cross and Wye

Sanitary tees are t-shaped sanitary pipe fittings used in the branch pipe of the main pipeline.

Concentric and Eccentric Reducer

Sanitary Food Grade Reducer

Sanitary reducers are sanitary fittings used for the connection of tubing of various sizes

Pipe Hangar 2.jpg
TH5 Pipe Support.png

Pipe Hanger

Sanitary pipe supports are used to hang tubing and piping.

Hose Ferrule Adapter

Hose Ferrule Adapter

Sanitary stainless steel hose fittings and adapters are used to connect sanitary flexible hoses to a process pipe line.

Sanitary tube end caps are a sanitary fitting used permanently close off a tube.

How are Hygienic Stainless Steel Fittings different from other fittings?

  • Dairy Fittings are Cleanable, either by dismantling the system or using a Clean In Place (CIP) process

  • Sanitary tubing and fittings come in sizes from 0.5" to 12"

  • Sanitary fittings and piping are measure by the OD of the tube section

  • Surface polishing of sanitary fittings must be at least 150 Grit, or 32 Ra

  • Sanitary fittings do not contain any pockets or threads to minimize chances of contamination

  • Sanitary stainless steel elbows have standardized radii. The radius of a sanitary elbow is 1.5 times the OD of the tube

  • Most sanitary fittings come in two types of connections, butt weld and ferrule end, other lesser used connections like SMS Male Part and Liners are also available

NKE is a supplier of sanitary pipe fittings.

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