Sanitary Stainless Steel Unions / Couplings

Dairy Stainless Steel Unions / Couplings

KF Clamp (KF Coupling)

KF Clamp Union

Hygienic Unions / Couplings come in different standards

The different unions above represent different Sanitary Standards . SMS (Swedish Milk Standards), DIN (German Standards), RJT (Ring Joint Type), IDF (International Dairy Federation, 3A (American FDA Standards).

The most important differences between these standards are 

  • Welding Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter, and Thickness, you need to use Unions from the same standards as your pipe line to make sure you can weld them together

  • Design and thread size- Different designs means Unions from different standards are incompatible with each other, you cant lock an SMS Union with a Nut from a DIN Union.

  • Tri Clamp Unions can be tightened and loosen without any special tools, while the rest require compatible spanners. 

Unsure about which Standards are suitable for your pipe line? Call us, we will show you how to determine your current pipe line standards.

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