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Sanitary Inline Sight Glass

Stainless Steel Inline Tri Clamp Sight Glass


The hygienic sanitary sight glass contains a stainless steel body which houses a Borosilicate Glass Tube. Rubber seats are positioned between the body and the glass. A stainless steel inline sight glass is available in SS 304 and SS 316L, seal materials are normally available in EPDM, Viton and Silicone. Sanitary Inline sight glasses usually come in weld and ferrule ends, but other less commonly used sanitary union connections can be requested.


The clear tube allows operators an easy inspection of the product flow. Tri clamp sight glasses can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications.

Size Availability- 1" to 4" (if you need a different size, call us to request it)


Material Availability- SS 304 or 316L body houses a Borosilicate Glass Tube

Connection Availability- Weld end, Ferrule End


Pressure Rating- 10 bar

Malaysia Inline Sight Glass
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