Sanitary Check Valve / Non-return Valve

Stainless Steel Tri Clamp Check Valve

The hygienic stainless steel non return valve contains a stainless steel body which houses a disc supported by a spring. When enough pressure is applied, the disc opens and allows product to flow through.

Method of Operation- 

Works automatically when enough flow pressure pushes the disc so that the product flows through.

When pressure is not high enough, the disc remains pushed shut so that product does not flow through.

Pros and Cons-

  • Relatively small automatically operating valve body helps save space in tight pipe line situations​

  • Spare parts are few and replaceable

  • A minimal pressure drop in pipe line flow due to disc always staying in the path of the flow

Size Availability- 0.5" to 4" (if you need a different size, call us to request it)


Material Availability- Body in SS 304 or SS 316, Gaskets in EPDM, VITON

Connection Availability- Weld end, Ferrule End


Pressure to Open Valve- 0.5 psi to 3 psi depending on size

Malaysia Check Valve / Non-reutrn Valve