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Sanitary Stainless Steel Spray Ball

Hygienic Static Spray Ball and Rotary Spray Ball

Sanitary spray balls are placed inside a food processing tank to remove contaminants from surfaces. If installed correctly, all areas of the tank, including corners can be reached, preventing the buildup of biofilms or other contaminants.

Static Spray Ball

The static spray ball has a fixed nozzle. It is the most commonly used and most cost effective spray ball.

Rotary Spray Ball (Rotating Spray Ball)

The rotary spray ball has a rotating nozzle that reduces water usage by up to 30% and also has a lower tank cleaning time.

Method of Operation- 

CIP fluid flows through the spray ball nozzle to shower the tank's internal compartment, efficiently cleaning product residues.

Pros and Cons-

  • Relatively inexpensive method of cleaning

  • No spare parts means no maintenance costs

Size Availability- 0.5" to 2" (if you need a different size, call us to request it)


Material Availability- Body in SS 304 or SS 316L

Connection Availability- Weld end, Ferrule End

Malaysia Food Grade Rotary Spray Ball
Sanitary Static Spray Ball
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