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Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

Hygienic Tri Clamp Diaphragm Valve


The sanitary diaphragm valve opening and closing parts is a diaphragm made of soft material to separate the inner chamber of the valve body from the inner cavity of the cover and the driving parts. The valve body is free of any entrapment areas. A sanitary 3 way diaphragm valve construction is also available. A hygienic diaphragm valve is available in SS 304 and 316. Stainless steel diaphragm valves usually come in weld and ferrule ends, but other less used sanitary coupling connections such as SMS Male Part or SMS Liner and Nut ends can be requested.


Sanitary diaphragm valves are known to be one of the cleanest valves. They are the preferred valve in the biopharmaceutical industry because they perform the best when unobstructed flow throttling and positive shut-off are required for sensitive product. The tri clamp diaphragm isolates the product medium from the environment and all moving parts of the valve and so protecting the media from contamination while preventing it from interfering with the valve operation.

Sanitary diaphragm valves are top entry valves. The bonnets and diaphragms can be serviced without removing the valve body from the process lines.  This allows the valves to be welded into place, removing clamp joints from the system.

Method of Operation

Closing the valve, a pressure pad which supports the diaphragm moves towards the sealing face on the body. As the pressure plate moves, the diaphragm is forced down onto the seat area in the centre of the body, shutting off the flow path through the body.


Most sanitary diaphragm valves can be mounted to an actuator and be highly automated.

Size Availability- 0.5" to 4"

Material Availability- Body in SS 304 or SS 316L, Gaskets in PTFE and EPDM

Connection Availability- Weld end, Ferrule End


Working Pressure- 10 Bar

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