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Dairy Valves and Fittings Supplier in Malaysia

NKE Flow Components Supply is a supplier of sanitary pipes, fittings, and valves supplier in Malaysia.

We were established in the early 2000s, when we started importing the most common parts, and slowly expanded the range of items we carry.

Being in the business for almost 20 years now, we learned to position ourselves in the following ways to best benefit our customers.

Quality Control

Over our many years of working with many different manufacturers, we are able to vet out the ones with questionable quality standards.

We source our hygienic stainless steel tubes, pipes, fittings and valves from manufacturers who take the time and effort to do proper quality control.

Each butterfly valve is tested for leakage. Every single tube goes through a hydrostatic test before delivery.


So that we and our customers do not spend time on worrying on hygienic standards. And chances of a part failing is minimal.

Dairy Tubes

High Inventory Levels

We stock a wide range dairy tubes, pipes, fittings, and valves.

Through experience, we were able to find out the most commonly used pipe fittings and sizes, and hold large quantities of inventory of it. 

This is so that our customers can capitalize on short order wait times, and do not have to worry about shortages during their projects.

Sanitary Fitting Inventory

Competitive Prices

Product quality assurances and availability would not matter a lot if prices are not competitive.


By importing in large quantities from our manufacturers, we use our bargaining power to drive down prices. 


Our customers can then benefit from our attractive prices, and make sure project budgets are not burst. 

Budget Concerns

Find out more of our product range, or of sanitary stainless steel.

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