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ISO Flange

ISO Vacuum Flange (ISO Claw Clamp, ISO Flanges, ISO Centering Ring)

Like KF vacuum flanges, ISO flanges are commonly used in vacuum and ultra-high vacuum applications. ISO flanges come in sizes 2.5” (ISO65) and above.


The ISO Union contains ISO Claw Clamps, Two ISO Bored Flanges, and an ISO Centering Ring with Seal. ISO Blank Flanges can also be mated to the ISO Coupling. When the flanges are connected, the centering ring provides a seal that prevents air from leaking into the vacuum system, even in conditions with temperature and pressure.

ISO Flanges are easy to use and only require a spanner to tighten and loosen.


Coupling Material

ISO Claw Clamp in Aluminium, ISO Flanges and ISO Centering Ring in SS 304 or SS 316L

Seal Material


Size Ranges

From ISO65 to ISO200

Internal Surface Finish

< 1μm


ISO Claw Clamp

To fasten the union by tightening the bolt.

ISO Flange

To be welded to tubes.

ISO O Ring

Acts as a seal to prevent leakages.

ISO Centering Ring

Acts as a frame for the O Ring.

ISO Blank Flange

Acts as a cover to block flow.

ISO Flange
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