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Vacuum KF Coupling

KF Union (KF Clamp, KF Flanges, KF Centering Ring)

The KF Union is comprised of a KF Clamp, Two KF Flanges, and a KF Centering Ring with Seal.

They can be mated with KF Bored Flages, KF Blanks, and other KF Components.

The easiest way to identify an KF Clamp is its O-ring seal that is supported by a centering ring.

The KF coupling is used in systems where vacuum is present.


Coupling Material

KF Clamp in Aluminium, KF Flanges in SS 304 or SS 316L

Seal Material


Size Ranges

From KF10 to KF50

Internal Surface Finish

< 1μm

Malaysia KF Coupling
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