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Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Support

What are Stainless Steel Pipe Hangers

Sanitary pipe supports are used to hang tubing and piping. The stainless steel pipe hangers usually come with a shaft that can be welded to a support structure. Our stainless steel pipe holders come in two designs, one can be secured by a wing nut, and the other by bolts and nuts. Stainless steel pipe are usually only available in SS 304 as they do not come in contact with the product medium.

Our stainless steel pipe supports are primarily used for process piping in fields of biotech, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy and micro-electronics.

Our Sanitary Pipe Supports

They come in Bolt and Nut Type and Wing Nut Type.

Size Availability- 0.5" to 4" (if you need other sizes, call us to request it

Material- SS 304 

Sanitary Pipe Support
Sanitary Pipe Hanger
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