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Sanitary Fittings: Sanitary Stainless Steel Elbow

Hygienic Stainless Steel 45 Deg and 90 Deg Elbow

A sanitary elbow, also known as a sanitary bend, is a type of sanitary pipe fitting welded between two lengths of sanitary pipe or tubing to enable a direction change. While stainless steel elbows usually come in 90 or 45 degree angles, 22.5 degree elbows can also be requested. Sanitary elbows usually come in weld or ferrule ends (ferrule elbow), but uncommon connections such as SMS or DIN Male and Liner ends are also available. Dairy elbows made of the stainless steel grade 304 or 316 to provide a sterile and corrosion-free surface.
The length of sanitary elbows are also standardized. A large radius elbow has a curvature radius of 1.5 times the pipe’s diameter, but a short radius elbow has a radius equal to the pipe’s diameter.

Our Sanitary Elbows

Our Dairy Bends come in different sizes and connections.


We keep 45 Deg and 90 Deg Dairy Elbows  


Size Availability- 0.5" to 6" (if you need other sizes, call us to request it


Material- SS 304 or SS 316L


Connection Availability- Weld end or Ferrule end (Tri Clamp Elbow)


Available Standards-SMS/3A and DIN

Stainless Steel Long Radius Elbow

Stainless steel long radius elbows as sanitary fittings are used in low-pressure gravity-fed systems and other applications where low turbulence and minimum deposition of entrained solids are of concern.


We are also able to produce elbows according to custom radius and lengths for specific uses.

Malaysia Food Grade Dairy Bend
Stainless Steel Long Radius Elbow.jpg
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