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Why Use Hygienic Pipe Fittings and Valves

Updated: Jan 23

Virtually all Malaysian food and beverage manufacturers know that stainless steel is the go-to material when it comes to food preparation and processing. Modern commercial and home kitchens are filled with stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

Stainless steel has a proven track record of success in areas where sanitation and cleanability is important. It is preferred because of its aesthetic, easy maintenance, corrosion resistant characteristics.

Malaysia Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Stainless Steel Tanks, Tubes, Fittings

Hygienic Pipe Fittings are resistant to aggressive food stuffs

Acidic and alkaline contents in foods attack surfaces of production systems and cooking wares, causing pitting for bacteria to harbor. Health hazards are created if left unchecked.

Stainless steel is inert to the common acids and alkalies produced by cooked foods and beverages. It will not normally get pitted, therefore great reduces the chance of a bacterial infection.

Even in contact with aggressive substances, stainless steel remains neutral, therefore not changing the taste and appearances of most foods. Stainless steel equipment and storage tanks help solve problems related to lack of hygiene in food related industries, eliminating most risks of food poisoning.

Sanitary stainless steel tubes are the first choice in the food processing systems because it does not react to most foods.

Dairy Fittings are Easily Cleanable

No cracks or pores in stainless steel greatly reduces the chances for bacteria and dirt to harbor. It is usually easily cleaned with soap and hot water. Its is easier to clean than plastics, aluminum and earthenware.

In food and beverage manufacturing, cleanability is important so that the taste, odor, color of food stuffs remain unaffected. Chances of taste and odor being carried from one match to another can be reduced by frequent cleaning.

Hygienic purposes has led stainless steel to be accepted as the number one choice in the food processing and service industry. Sanitary fittings and valves have become ubiquitous in industries where maintaining cleanliness is most important.

Stainless Steel Food Grade Tanks
Stainless steel storage equipment

Mechanical Resistance

Aside from aesthetic reasons, stainless steel is also chosen for its durability, and scratch resistance. Food process fabricators prefer it due to its ease to work with.

Maintenance of stainless steel is minimal and easy, and it keeps its usable condition for years. Kitchen equipment and stainless steel tubing and fittings can withstand shock and abrasion.

Stainless steel has a high corrosion resistance at the surface called a "passive layer", which is one of the reasons of its durability.

Stainless steel is easier to form than most metallic materials, making it a favorite material for fabricators and engineers. The surface of stainless steel usually comes in matte or mirror finishes, and easily blends into its surrounding fixtures and environment. It retains its natural color for a long time, and does not warp easily.

Malaysia stainless steel
It is easy to find stainless steel in modern equipment


While stainless steel might be an expensive investment in the beginning, it is cheaper to maintain keeps repair costs low in the long term. In areas where corrosion resistance is important, stainless steel will still have a very long life than other cheaper alternatives, like mild steel.

After its useful life, stainless steel is completely recyclable, and is usually remelted into new products.

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