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Rotary Spray Ball vs Static Spray Ball

Updated: Jan 23

Static Spray Ball

This is the most basic form of cleaning and is as simple as it looks. Media from the Static Fixed Spray Ball hits the tank interior in a pre-defined cleaning pattern which is fixed as a result of holes being drilled into the static ball. This freefalling film cleans the tank walls but takes a longer time and can result in higher water and chemical usage.

Static Fixed Spray Ball
Static Fixed Spray Ball

Standard Static Fixed Spray Balls do not allow for areas within the tank to be target drilled. The spray pattern can therefore create shadow areas within the tank. Shadow areas within a tank are caused by standard spray patterns not being able to focus on areas within a tank which need a concentrated clean, such as manways, nozzle connections, baffles etc.

When to use a Static Spray Ball?

Standard Fixed Spray Ball initially offer a cost-effective solution giving tanks a good rinse and wetting the internal surfaces. If the product is water soluble and has light residue to remove, then this may be an option.

Standard fixed spray balls do rely on the media cascading the tank walls. This cost-effective option does come at a price, resulting in longer cleaning times and more water and chemical usage. The additional water and chemicals to drain may not be in line with modern environmental policies.

Rotary Spray Ball (Rotating Spray Ball)

The Rotary Spray Ball provides a Rotating fan spray pattern which in a dynamic cascading pattern wets the internal surfaces of the tank walls. The fan pattern creates a vibration off the tanks internal surfaces, agitating the residue making it easier to remove.

This Rotary cleaning head reduces water and chemical usage by up to 30% compared to Static Fixed Spray Balls whilst also cleaning the tank faster and consequently reducing downtime.

Rotary Spray Ball
Rotary Spray Ball

When to use a Rotary Spray Ball?

If you are looking to remove more viscous light residues (water soluble) this solution is a good option. Rotating Spray Balls are suitable for tanks with a maximum wetting radius of 6m (3m impact radius) It will not clean yeast and other harder to clean residues effectively but does offer a 360° guaranteed repeatable cleaning coverage.

Static and Rotary Spray Head Spray Pattern
Static and Rotary Spray Head Spray Pattern

Static and Rotary Spray Head Spray Pattern
Static and Rotary Spray Head Spray Pattern

NKE Flow is an importer and supplier of sanitary stainless steel spray balls.


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