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Sanitary Fittings: Sanitary Concentric and Eccentric Reducers

Updated: Apr 29

In a factory’s production pipe lines, it is usual to change from one size of tubing to another. The fitting used to make the change possible is called a reducer.

There are three most common type of reducers used, the concentric reducer, eccentric reducer, and reducing tee. Sanitary reducers are made from either SS 304 or SS 316L, and come in the same sizes, but they have their own different advantages.


Sanitary Concentric Reducer

Concentric Reducer
Sanitary Concentric Reducer

Like its name suggests, the stainless steel concentric reducer is conical. The concentric reducer is the most common type used today. However, because of its cone shape, it is not suitable for all pipe line reductions.

The concentric reducer is suitable for use in vertical flows. They can be used horizontally only as an increaser when changing from a smaller to a larger tube size. Installing a concentric reducer horizontally to go from a larger to a smaller size may lead to pooling.


Sanitary Eccentric Reducer

Eccentric Reducer
Sanitary Eccentric Reducer

The stainless steel eccentric reducer is flat on one side and slanted on the other. They usually cost slightly more than their concentric counterparts and is not as commonly used.

Being flat on one side, the eccentric reducer is allowed to be used in all horizontal applications. They are very useful when a pipe line is built on the same level, and the tubes are mostly placed horizontally.



Sanitary Reducing Tee

Reducing Tee
Sanitary Reducing Tee

The stainless steel reducing tee looks like a regular stainless steel equal tee and also come in instrument types. The main flowline is the larger size, and the port is the smaller size.

Because of its shape, one reducing tee can be installed in applications where two inline reducers are required, providing cost and time savings. In larger pipe line systems with many pipe line reductions, the savings from using reducing tees add up.


To know more about our reducers, head over to our reducer and reducing tee page.


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