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Sanitary Tank Equipment and Sanitary Vessels

Industries that uses sanitary pressure vessels

Food and Beverage: Mixing vessels, storage tanks, fermentation tanks

Pharmaceuticals: Buffer tanks, sterile process vessels, bioreactor

Personal Care Product: Blending tanks, emulsification vessels, fragrance storage stank

Requirements of a stainless steel vessel

Sanitary design: A sanitary vessel must be built with hygienic design principles in mind to ensure food safety. Such principles include the use of crevice free construction, smooth finishes, and easy of cleaning.

Prevention of cross contamination: Sanitary pressure vessels have to prevent bacteria growth. Eliminating areas that harbor bacteria and the use of corrosion resistant materials help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Compliance with food safety regulations: Requirements of regulatory bodies will have to be adhered to. Complying with these regulations help the safety of operators and consumers, and also prevent costly legal ramifications.

Sanitary Pressure Vessel
Sanitary Pressure Vessel

Components of a sanitary tank

Other than its smooth stainless steel body, a sanitary vessel requires various equipment to prevent contamination of its contents and function optimally.

Sanitary manhole cover

A sanitary manhole cover is installed so that the internal walls of a vessel can be accessed and cleaned. Larger sizes allow for cleaning personnel to enter the tank, while smaller ones allow cleaning equipment.

Rotary Spray Balls and Static Spray Balls

Static spray balls and rotary spray heads enable the internal surface of a tank to be cleaned automatically. High velocity jets of water and cleaning solutions are sprayed from a nozzle to clean off residue.

Tank Sight Glass

Flange sight glasses and inline sight glasses allow operators to observe the inside of a vessel. Manufacturing and cleaning process can be seen from the outside without needing to open the tank.

Sanitary Air Relief Valve (Sanitary Safety Valve)

Sanitary air release valves purges excess pressure and vacuum that accumulate in the tank. Such valves are designed to open to allow air in or out, preventing catastrophic tank damage and equipment failure.

Sanitary Sampling Valve

Hygienic sampling valves are used to extract samples from product batches for quality checks. A sanitary sampling valve prevents commination from the surrounding environment during extraction.


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